Fees and Policies
If Dr. Seiden is in-network on your insurance, your fee would likely be your insurance copay, after any deductible, which you can find out from your insurance company

If Dr. Seiden is not in-network with your insurance company, the fee for a 45-minute webcam session would be $125 payable prior to the session via PayPal.com to CBTInstitute@aol.com

Payment due at least 1 day prior to the scheduled session to keep the reservation

Cancellation notice required via email 24 hours prior to scheduled session time for refund

You are advised to call your insurance company prior to beginning webcam therapy for questions regarding deductibles, copays (if in-network) or reimbursement (if out-of-network). You can tell them that the therapy will involve:

1. Treatment by a psychologist licensed in New York and New Jersey.

2. The CPT procedure codes will be 90791 for the first session and 90834 or 90837 for subsequent sessions

3. They may also want to know what you are seeking therapy for. Usually insurance will only reimburse for a diagnosis (e.g., depression, anxiety, panic, ocd, trichotillomania, insomnia, chronic pain, etc.)